MSB Ltd. provides the entire scope of surveys to be carried out on behalf of Mutual and Fixed Premium P&I Clubs and Liability Underwriters.

MSB surveyors possess vast sea service and field experience and have rendered survey and adjusting services to all Clubs from the International Group as well as most of the Fixed Premium Clubs.

MSB offers the following scope of P&I survey services:

· Pre-entry and routine condition surveys

· Loss prevention surveys

· Collision, FFO, pollution and other casualties

· Ultrasonic leak testing of hatch covers

· Draft and ullage surveys

· Entire scope of cargo surveys

· Personnel injury and death


MSB key personnel has significant record of providing survey services to the following Clubs and Liability Underwriters:

· UK P&I Club

· Standard Steamship Owners P&I Association

· Japan Ship Owners’ Mutual P&I Association

· American P&I Club

· Britannia Steamship Insurance Association

· London Steamship Owners’  Mutual Insurance Association

· British Marine Luxembourg S.A.

· Navigators

· Intercoastal B.V.

· Markel International Protection and Indemnity

· Ingosstrakh

· Astra S.A. Insurance and Reinsurance

· Osprey  Underwriting  Agency

· Russian Pool

· Progress-Garant JSCo

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