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MSB takes pride in its marine operations capabilities. The Company has provided Marine Consultants, Offshore Construction Managers, Marine Representatives and Marine Advisors for some of the most challenging projects in Europe, Russia and West Africa.


MSB performs dynamic mooring analysis on various anchored structures, floating storages and vessles to quantify mooring line loads under a given mooring configuration. We have been engaged to perform in-place analysis of Floating Storage, identify design issues and propose upgrades to the mooring system implemented.


We provide availability of surveyors to attend on behalf of Hull and Machinery Underwriters and P&I Clubs in all major ports in Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and the lower Danube river to determine cause, nature and extent of damage and report back on potential insurance claims.

About MSB

MSB is a leading provider of innovative, value-added solutions to the Offshore, Shipping and Insurance industries in Europe, Russia, West and North coasts of Africa.

The company provides unsurpassed technical expertise and consultancy services to its customers engaged in offshore construction, shipping and marine insurance.

Our surveyors are approved MWS and the Company is one of the few accepted by insurance underwriters as approved Marine Warranty Office.

MSB firm core values combined with the highest level of marine engineering, marine operations, naval architectural capabilities and claims handling, earned the trust of a significant number of international companies.

Vision & Mission

Marine Services, the things we’re great at 

Originally founded in the provision of marine survey and adjusting services, MSB gradually expanded its scope of expertise over the years and now specialize in offshore transportations, fixed platforms, subsea cables and pipelay installations.

Marine Warranty Services

MSB core business is provision of Marine Warranty Services to the Insurance industry to assess whether the risks associated with the relevant onshore and offshore marine operations are reduced to an acceptable level in accordance with best industry practice.

Marine Operations

MSB has provided Marine Consultants, Marine Advisors, Offshore Construction Managers and Company Marine Representatives for some of the most challenging projects in Europe, Russia and worldwide.


Offshore Engineering

MSB performs dynamic mooring analysis on various anchored structures, floating storages and vessles to quantify mooring line loads under a given mooring configuration. Analysisng the results of the mooring analysis we can recommend improvements to the mooring systems and line configurations.

Survey Services

MSB core business activity is to provide a wide range of marine surveys, conduct casualty investigations and provide technical surveys, advice and superintendence to the Shipping and Insurance industries.

Technical Authority / SAT 

The Company specializes in site acceptance surveys of various Pipe Handling Equipment and Pipe Tensioning Systems. We review procedures and certify static and dynamic load tests, transfer of tension, integration between vessels’ Pipe Tensioning and Dynamic Positioning systems.

Hull and Machinery Surveys

We perform casualty related survey where the damage has been caused by collision, stranding, fire, heavy weather, machinery / cargo gear breakdown or other perils and provide detailed damage assessment, repair supervision, approval of repair specifications and review of repair invoices.

Protection and Indemnity Surveys

We provide the entire scope of surveys to be carried out on behalf of Mutual and Fixed Premium P&I Clubs and Liability Underwriters.
MSB surveyors possess vast sea service and field experience and have rendered survey services to most Clubs from the International Group as well as Fixed Premium Facilities.


The Secret of Success – Experience and Expertise

As part of Noble Denton’s Team, MSB has been continuously engaged in every Lukoil’s project for developing the North Caspian Sea since 2007. Lukoil are extremely successful in developing a number of fields and we are proud to be their partner. We have built strong relashionship with Lukoil and have accummulated significant local knowledge to best serve their needs.


We have performed MWS services for the following projects – Korchagin, Filanovsky Phase I, II and III. We are now working on the V.I. Graifer oil filed development 2019-2021.


We have provided Marine Consultancy services to Lukoil and the T&I contractors since 2014. Our comprehensive local knowledge and past experience in the challenging conditions of the Caspian and the Volgo-Caspian Channel are highly valued by the Clients.


We have provided experienced professionsals as Marine Advisor, Tow Master and Floatover supernindent for the Korchagin WHP, Filanovsky phase II and III floatover operations and transportations to OCS and CNGS Engineering. 


We provided cable lay superintenddent for the Filanovsky phase III project and Pipelay superintendents to the installation contractor Vimar Offshore in 2018, 2019 and 2020.


The Secret of Success – Technical & Claims Combined

In addition to the routine work of adjusting claims we have travelled to locations to assist Owners representatives on the scene if matters were being complicated or to negotiate settlements. MSB has also been required to give opinions on claims matters and organized small in house seminars.


Underwriters have become more involved in the management of claims and it is no longer sufficient to simply ask Underwriters to pay large sums in the way of claims without them being aware of developments and being given the opportunity to share in decision making when necessary. The way claims are handled is therefore changing and we see our job as being responsible to both the Assured and the Underwriters.


International shipping has changed considerably. Policy conditions have been simplified and the tonnage being operated is newer and better maintained, in line with the tightening up of regulations internationally. 

We are aware that costs must be kept to a minimum and this is why we have developed abbreviated forms of dealing with more straight forward matters involving close cooperation between the technical and the claims experts.

Hull & Machinery


For the last 15 years MSB has worked on more than 260 offshore construction projects. Our staff have published papers, participated in International Conferences and won a number of distinguished awards.
MSB strength is the unique symbiosis between marine operations experience and engineering knowledge, the harnessing of technology to meet project demands and develop practical solutions.   


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MSB Head Office is located in Varna, Bulgaria. All projects and activities are run from the Head Office.
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MSB has a representative office in Astrakhan, Russia to facilitate day-to-day operations on Russian projects.
Russian Tel: (+7) 499 918 6119

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