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Marine Warranty Surveyors

Our surveyors are full members of SOMWS in all 4 categories

Marine Operations

MSB provides senior personel to lead complex marine operations

Offshore Engineering

We perform mooring, pipelay, cable installaiton, floatover and heavy lift analyses and procedures

MCI & Vessel Surveys

Marine Casualty Investigations
H&M and P&I Condition Surveys

Marine Warranty Surveyors

The role of the Marine Warranty Surveyor (MWS) is to protect the interests of the Client and the Client’s insurers by providing third party assurance that all marine operations are properly engineered and planned and are then executed in accordance with the agreed procedures using vessels and equipment which are fit for purpose.

MSB core business for over 18 years is the provision of Marine Warranty Services. Our surveyors are full members of the Society of Marine Warranty Surveyors with extensive field and engineering experience.

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 Marine Operations

MSB specializes in high-profile Marine Operations. Since 2007 we have acted as MWS and Marine Consultants for major offshore projects in worldwide (Europe, West Africa, India, China and Far East)

Towage, positioning and installation of Platform Jackets and Top Sides

We specialise in high-profile Marine Operations. MSB provides transport and positioning engineering, Tow Masters, Marine Advisors and Offshore Superintendents for complex marine operations and positioning at Offshore sites.

Heavy lift operations, complex transportations and SPMT operations

MSB is constantly involved in loadout, seafastening, transportation and loadin of very large structures and project cargoes at the installation sites or on dedicated beach Landing Facilities.

Rigid and flexible pipelaying operations, Recognised Technical Authority for SATs

We specialize in all types of flexible and rigid pipe laying installation (S-Lay, J-Lay, Reel Pipe laying). 
Water depth ranges from ultra-shallow (2.5m) to ultra-deep (2400m).
We perform SATs and certification of PHE and PTS systems.

Offshore Engineering

MSB is contracted by several major T&I Contractors to perform pipelay installation analysis for 8″, 16″, 20” and 32” CWC and 3LPE pipes for water depths 5 to 220 m, including installation of PLETs and subsea infrastructure.
We perform complex mooring analyses, cable installation and pull-in analyses and feasibility studies. MSB is engaged in developing a project for PLV upgrade, davit installations and anchor-mooring system upgrade.

Pipeline and subsea cables installation analyses

MSB has extensive marine and engineering experience in pipe lay, cable lay and installation of subsea structures.

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Mooring analyses

MSB has performed extensive mooring analysis and R&D of complex systems such as gravity based permanent moorings for FPSOs, moorings for vessels in channels during load-outs of Topsides, shared anchor systems for floating offshore wind farms, mobile moorings for PLVs.

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Notable analyses performed

Notable analyses performed include Hydrodynamic Analysis, Normal Lay analysis, Fatigue analysis, Pull-in analysis, Initiation Analysis, A&R Analysis, Second End Laydown Analysis, PLET Installation Analysis, etc.

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The Salvage of m/v Vera Su

MSB Managing Director was awarded the Presidential Barge of Honour by the President of Bulgaria for “outstanding contribution in the refloating and salving of m/v Vera Su” in October 2021.


The vessel presented major environmental threat/catastrophe as it grounded in the rocky area of Kamen Bryag, Bulgarian coast (protected environmental area) with 2,830 mt of fertilizers and significant MGO bunkers. The vessel grounded on four major rocks at least and had 100% of the Ballast Water and MGO double bottom and wing tanks compromised. The cargo hold, the Engine room, the entire forecastle and 30% of the accommodation block were fully flooded


MSB was responsible for the strengthening of the vessel’s structure and the cargo discharge/water pump-out strategy and sequence. Provided advice for the marine operations and arrangement of tugs as there were rocky areas all around. MSB remained on the vessel in charge of the entire discharge/lightening, welding hull reinforcements, refloating operations and tow to the safe harbour of Varna, Bulgaria


Our Engineering Division lead by Evgeniy Dimkin performed the engineering calculations for hull strengthening and refloating operations. This was significant challend as all double bottom and side tanks were ruptured and compromised.


MSB Managing Director was awarded the Presidential Barge of Honour by the President of Bulgaria.
The Minister of Transport awarded the Manager of the Engineering Division Evgeniy Dimkin with Honorary Diploma for the performing the engineering calculations.


With over 20 years of vessel survey experince and having worked on numerous offshore projects, we deliver top of class services and unsurpassed technical expertise to our customers engaged in offshore construction, shipping and marine insurance industries.

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Sakarya Project, Loadouts of PLETs, Reels, X-Tree and Installation of SDU and Manifold

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