Varna 9000, Bulgaria
+(359 52) 636 094; +(359 52) 401 813;

MWS for Float-in, Dry Transportation and Float-off of Two Navy Vessels for the Bulgarian MOD

MSB were appointed to act as Marine Warranty Surveyors for the float-in, dry transportation and float-off of two navy minesweepers for the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense. The Project consortium Bon Marine – Spliethoff, which specializes in complex marine operations, performed the transportation from Amsterdam to Varna in September 2020 using the semi-submersible HLV Super Servant 4 .

The transportation from Amsterdam to Varna took 14 days. The float-off was carried out in Varna lake in a safe and efficient manner in less than 18 hours from start of ballasting down till HLV departure.

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