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Marine Warranty Services

MWS Approved Surveyors

MSB core business is provision of Marine Warranty Services to the Insurance industry to assess whether the risks associated with the relevant onshore and offshore marine operations are reduced to an acceptable level in accordance with best industry practice.

All our Marine Warranty Surveyors are approved and possess the required professional qualification for issuing the Certificates of Approval (COAs) for specific discrete operations.

MSB is the largest provider of warranty surveyors to DNV GL Noble Denton marine services – the world’s leading consultancy in the offshore industry. MSB has permanent contracts with GL Noble Denton ms for provision of surveyors, marine consultants and marine representatives since 2006.

For the last 15 years acting as Marine Warranty Surveyors we have served over 200 projects worldwide. 

Project 2015 – 2019

Marine Warranty Services 

o Floatover operations;
o Jacket and Top Side installations;
o Deep water Rigid and flexible pipelay – S-lay, J-lay, reeled pipe;
o Subsea power cables installations and repair;
o Towage and voyage approvals;
o Mooring approvals;
o Heavy lift loadout and load-off;
o Skidded loadouts of structures;
o SMPT operations;
o Heavy lifts stowage and securing approvals;
o Shipyard and site surveys;