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Offshore Engineering

Offshore Engineering 

MSB performs dynamic mooring analysis on various anchored structures, floating storages and vessles to quantify mooring line loads under a given mooring configuration. Analysisng the results of the mooring analysis we can recommend improvements to the mooring systems and line configurations.

MSB has been engaged to perform in-place analysis of Floating Storage, identify design issues and propose upgrades to the mooring system implemented.

Load-outs/Ins, Transportation and Installation Analyses

MSB performs checks on various structures for inertia loads applied during sea transportation, advises suitable support points to be used and designs sea fastenings respectively.

We perform Installation analysis to validate lifting capacity, strength capacity for lifting objects and vessel structures, etc.

Offshore vessels have unique motion characteristics as defined by RAO. We provide RAO calculations using recongised industry software.  RAO calculates response amplitudes in all six degrees of freedom, i.e., those with restoring forces and those without. RAO includes the effect of damping and added mass, as the relationship between the response amplitude and the associated wave height is not always linear.